A unique approach to holistic learning in schools.

Empower students

Make the children much more competent to cope with themselves and the dynamic world around them with the help of useful behavioral and social skills

Enable educators

Create teachers that can read a child’s emotions effectively and adapt accordingly. Build educators who can infuse energy and enthusiasm in any topic in the classroom


We need to redesign our teaching.

And we need it fast.

Just IQ can’t do it alone

Emotional intelligence has been a better predictor to success, much more than than IQ. Unfortunately we are falling short of embedding these skills in our school children.

The NEP is mandating it

The focus of New Education Policy is clearly on developing the vital social and emotional competencies in our students, and now it is a clear mandate.

Formal curriculum isn’t enough

We need a stronger and parallel effort to empower both children and teachers to compete with the rapidly changing environment around us.

Hi, I am Alok.

It is my passion to work with children, teachers, and parents to bring energy and learning in our teaching methodologies. I have been working as a behavioural soft-skills consultant for over 20 years with Schools, Colleges, NGOs and Corporates across the country.

I have also been a guest speaker for a parenting seminar organized by Education Times, and a HundrED Academy Reviewer recommending innovations in education sector that are changing the way our children learn.


If we could empower our children to

Lead any group, even without title

Work in a team, without conflict

Stay motivated, despite pressures

Express themselves with ease

magic can happen!

the decision is all yours

We can partner to make our teaching richer than ever


Get lively sessions conducted for any batch of students on social and emotional skills


Train-the-teacher workshops can help the educators become much more sensitive and effective in their work


Engaging and informative seminars for parents to coach them on better parenting skills

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